Tripcom - Triple Space Communication. This is the official website of the Specific target research project tripcom. tripcom is to be funded by the european commission under the 6th framework programme, priority 2 information society technologies (IST) under the project number IST-4-027324-STP
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The nature of the deliverable using one of the following codes:
D = Demonstrator, P = Prototype, R = Report.

The dissemination level using one of the following codes:
CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services).
PU = Public

    The key-deliverables are highlighted in blue

No Deliverable name Nature

nation Level

Date Lead Participant
WP1: Storage
D1.1 State of the art and Requirements Analysis R PU M3 NUIG
D1.2 Specification of the Store Architecture and Interfaces R PU M6 ONTO
D1.3 High-Performance Storage Implementation. P PU M24 NUIG
D1.4 Storage Performance Evaluation. R PU M30 ONTO
WP2: Triple Space Knowledge Representation
D2.1 Representing RDF semantics in tuples. R PU M12 FUB
D2.2 Specification of Triple Space ontology. R PU M12 LFUI
D2.3 Ontology and rule representation in a tuple space. R PU M24 ONTO
D2.4 Semantic Clustering and Self-Organisation in Triple Space. P PU M28 FUB
WP3: Triple Space Interaction
D3.1 Specification and Implementation of the Semantic Linda model R,P PU M12 FUB
D3.2 State of the art and Triple Space specific Requirements of semantic query languages. R PU M12 Profium
D3.3 Semantic matching in distributed spaces. R PU M24 LFUI
D3.4 Distributed semantic query tool for Triple Space. P PU M33 Profium
WP4: Triple Space and Semantic Web services
D4.1 Architectural integration of triple spaces with Web service infrastructures. R PU M12 NUIG
D4.2 TripCom Grounding for Semantic Web Services R PU M24 LFUI
D4.3 Methodology for adopting Semantic Web Services in a Triple Space environment R PU M24 TID
D4.4 Methodology for augmenting Semantic Web Services with WS-* standards R PU M30 USTUTT
D4.5 Triple Space integration with respect to WSMX (a Semantic Web Services platform) R,P PU M36 NUIG
WP5: Security and Trust
D5.1 Requirement analysis and state of the art R PU M6 Cefriel
D5.2 Definition of security and trust support model for the reference architecture R PU M18 Cefriel
D5.3 Early prototype of the security and trust infrastructure P PU M24 TUW
D5.4 Final prototype. P PU M36 TID
WP6: Triple Space Architecture and Component Integration
D6.1 Collaboration procedures and configuration management rules for development. R PU M6 TUW
D6.2 Triple Space reference architecture. R PU M12 TUW
D6.3 Platform API specification for interaction between all components. R PU M24 FUB
D6.4 Component integration, demonstration, and documentation P,D PU M36 TUW
D6.5 Towards a Scalable Triple Space R PU M36 LFUI
D6.5v2 Towards a Scalable Triple Space v2.0 R PU M36 LFUI
WP7: Ontological Infrastructure for Business Processes and Data
D7.1 Analysis of EDIFACT and other standards. R PU M6 NUIG
D7.2 Ontology of EDIFACT syntax and semantics R PU M24 NUIG
D7.3 Relationships among ontology modules within EDIFACT and with external ontologies R PU M30 TID
D7.4 Evaluation and Refinement of ontologies R PU M33 FUB
WP8a: Use Case 1 - Enterprise Application Integration
D8A.1 TripCom Requirements Analysis and Architecture Profile for EAI Applications R PU M12 TID
D8A.2 EAI Prototype Application P PU M30 TID
D8A.3 EAI Validation and Recommendations R PU M30 TID
D8A.4 EAI Best Practice Guide R PU M36 USTUTT
WP8b: Use Case 2 - Sharing Health and Medical Data among Healthcare Organizations
D8B.1 State of the art and requirements analysis for sharing health data in the Triple Space R PU M12 Cefriel
D8B.2 Prototype of TripCom application for sharing health data among healthcare organizations. P PU M30 Cefriel
D8B.3 Assessment of the developed solution with regards to the detected indicators. R PU M36 TUW
WP9: Standardization, Dissemination & Exploitation
D9.1 Continuous report on standards activities in related fields. R PU M36 USTUTT
D9.2 Continuous report on Dissemination and Exploitation activities R CO M36 USTUTT
D9.3 Initial Impact Analysis Report. R PU M18 TID
D9.4 Analysis of mutual influence of Grid and Triple Space technologies R PU M24 TUW
D9.5 Impact Analysis Report (Update) R PU M36 TID
WP10: Management
D10.1 TripCom Detailed Work Plan R CO M6 NUIG
D10.2 Periodic Progress Reports to the Commission and Documentation R CO, PU M12/24/36 LFUI
D10.3 Work Plan update R CO M24 TUW
D10.4 Continuous quality assurance and self-assessment plan R CO M36 TID
D10.5 Continuous risk management plan R CO M36 LFUI
tripcom tripcom tripcom tripcom
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