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This is a list of events and presentations held during the lifetime of our project. Listed presenations are from project plenary sessions, tutorials and workshops to document our progress.

June 29 - July 1, 2009: International IEEE Workshop on Coordination Models and Applications (CoMA): Collaboration in the Cloud at the 18th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructures for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE)

  • For more information about the workshop and the CfP, please refer to the website of the conference or the workshop.

May 15, 2009: Final Project Review Meeting The final project review meeting will take place in Innsbruck, Austria on May 15.

April 1-3 2009: Alessio Carenini of Cefriel will give a talk titled "A EUROPEAN PATIENT SUMMARY INFRASTRUCTURE", presenting the TripCom eHealth use case to the large audience from industry and academia present at THE INTERNATIONAL eHEALTH, TELEMEDICINE AND HEALTH ICT FORUM For Education, Networking and Business.
For more information about the conference, please refer to

March 23-27 2009: Doug Foxvog of NUIG will be present at the March 2009 GS1 Joint GSMP-JAG Meeting in Los Angeles, USA. The March 2009 GS1 Joint GSMP-JAG Meeting is a unique opportunity to join this group of experts and professionals striving together to improve efficiency and security of the supply chain, for the benefit of businesses.
  • EDIFACT substandard committees EANCOM, EDIFICE and ETIS have been informed about our work.
  • Additionally, The Cyc foundation has accepted our ontologies as a submission and is currently in the process of reviewing them.

March 25-26, 2009: 10th quaterly project meeting The 10th project meeting will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on March 25. and 26.
  • Janne Saarela, Pasi Tiitinen, Philipp Obermeier, Sebastian Dill, Distributed Semantic Query Tool and Query PreProcessor [PDF]
  • Kia Teymourian, Triple Space Knowledge Representation [PDF]
  • Alessio Carenini, eHealth usecase [PDF]
  • Michael Lafite, Final TripCom prototype [PDF]
  • Davide Cerri, Security & Trust [PDF]

January 8-9, 2009: 9th quaterly project meeting The 9th project meeting will take place in Milano, Italy on January 8. and 9.
  • Michael Lafite, Self Organization [PDF]
  • Daniel Martin, S&T in TripCom in the 3rd Year [PDF]
  • Michael Lafite, Distributed Subspaces and Security [PDF]
  • Michale Lafite, Final TripCom prototype [PDF]
  • Doug Foxvog, Ontological Infrastructure for Business Processes and Data [PDF]
  • Alessio Carini, Use Case: e-Health [PDF]

November 9 - 14, 2008: International Workshop On Semantic Extensions to Middleware: Enabling Large Scale Knowledge Applications (SEMELS '08) at OnTheMove, OTM Federated Conferences and Workshops
  • For more information about the workshop and the CfP, please refer to the website of the conference or the workshop.

October 29-31, 2008: de Francisco, David; Toro del Valle, German. Hacia un middleware semantico para el desarrollo de servicios de nueva generacion. XVIII Jornadas Telecom I+D. Bilbao, Spain.

September 28, 2008: Triple Space Computing: Large-Scale Integrated Knowledge Applications at the Future Internet Symposium (FIS 2008) in Vienna, Austria.
  • More information about the tutorial and the CfP can be found here.

September 17-18, 2008: 8th quaterly project meeting The 8th project meeting will take place in Helsinki, Finnland on September 17. and 18.
  • Michael Lafite, The TripCom prototype in the 3rd year [PDF]
  • Christian Schreiber, Michale Lafite, Evaluation of the TripCom implementation [PDF]
  • Daniel Martin, Scalability Evaluation Using Amazon EC2 [PDF]
  • Daniel Martin, The TripCom Showcase [PDF]

September 5, 2008: Invited Talk at the 1st Russian Conference on Smart Spaces, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Reto Krummenacher, The Smartest Space of All: A Global Space of (Machine-Understandable) Knowledge

August 4-7, 2008: Workshop on Middleware for the Semantic Web: Enabling a Web of Knowledge and Services at the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC), Santa Clara, CA, USA
  • For more information about the workshop and the CfP please refer to the workshop website

Invited talk: Semantic Middleware for the Deplyoment of New Generation Servicespresented by German Toro del Valle at the Telefonica Business Support Systems innovation sessions chaired by Luis Ranchal (Director of Business Support Systems area at Telefonica).

June 23-25, 2008: Workshop on Coordination Models and Applications: Knowledge in Pervasive Environments (CoMA) at the 17th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructures for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE)
  • TripCom members organize this workshop at the 17th IEEE WETICE, for more information and the CfP please refer to the website

June 23, 2008: Invited Talk "Sedvice: Triple-Space Computing Exploration Platform" by Ian Oliver As part of our ongoing collaboration with Nokia Research, Ian Oliver gave a talk about the Triple Space Computing Platform currently developed at Nokia Research.
  • See here for the corresponding news item, containing an abstract of the talk
  • Click here to download the slides

June 13, 2008: Vienna (Austria): Second Review Meeting
  • Elena Paslaru, Project overview [PDF]
  • Dario Cerizza, Usecase eHealth [PDF]
  • David de Francisco, Usecase EAI [PDF]
  • Elena Paslaru, S & T progress and co-ordination [PDF]
  • Daniel Martin, David de Francisco, Dissemination, exploitation [PDF]

April 28-29, 2008: 7th quaterly project meeting The 7th project meeting will take place in Galway, Ireland on April 28. and 29.
  • doug foxvog, Ontologizing EDIFACT [PDF]
  • Elena Simperl, TripCom Implementation Plan: 3rd Year [PDF]
  • Daniel Martin, Amazon EC2 [PDF]
  • Hans Moritsch, The 2nd Prototype - Status [PDF]
  • Hans Moritsch, Scalability Experiments [PDF]
  • David de Francisco, EAI Prototype Implementation [PDF]
  • Dario Cerizza, eHealth Prototype Implementation [PDF]

March 18-19, 2008: Implementation Meeting - The 2nd Prototype The next TripCom Implementation meeting: 2nd TripCom prototype will take place on March 18-19 2008, Vienna, Austria.
  • Hans Moritsch, Application Development [PDF]
  • Hans Moritsch, Implementation Status [PDF]

January 8-9, 2008: 6th project meeting - TripCom Scalability The 6th project meeting will take place in Innsbruck, Austria.
  • David de Francisco, Exploitation Board [PDF]
  • Hans Moritsch, The 2nd TripCom Prototype [PDF]
  • Hans Moritsch, Scalability evaluation methodology and schedule [PDF]
  • Reto Krummenacher, Elena Simperl, Scalability definition, assumptions and trade-offs [PDF]
  • Lyndon J B Nixon, WP2 - Triple Space Knowledge Representation [PDF]
  • Lyndon J B Nixon, WP3 - Triple Space Interaction [PDF]
  • Doug Foxvog, TripCom WP7 Status [PDF]
  • David de Francisco, WP8A Use Case Implementation [PDF]
  • Dario Cerizza, WP8b Implementation [PDF]

October 1-2, 2007: TripCom Implementation Meeting This meeting will take place in Vienna, Austria.
  • Lyndon J B Nixon and Kia Teymourian, Distribution in TripCom [PDF]
  • Philipp Obermeier, Query Typing for the Tripcom Query Language [PDF]
  • Hans Moritsch, Report for TripCom [PDF]
  • Reto Krummenacher and Elena Simperl, Scalability - Non Functional Influences [PDF]
  • Lyndon J B Nixon, Scalability and the API [PDF]
  • Doug Foxvog, Ontologizing EDIFACT Semantics Phase 2 [PDF]
  • Dario Cerizza, WP8B Session [PDF]
  • Hans Moritsch, TripCom Implementation Plan and Strategy (V2) [PDF]

July 5-6, 2007, Berlin (Germany): TripCom Scalability Meeting An extraordinary Meeting to discuss TripCom scalability will be held on July 5th and 6th in Berlin, Germany.
  • Elena Simperl, Agenda and Next Steps [PDF]
  • Antony Rowstron, Scalable Tuplespace Systems [PDF]
  • Frank Leymann, Daniel Martin, Component Scalability Guidelines [PDF]
  • Hans Moritsch, Scalability in HPC [PDF]
  • Manfred Hauswirth, Peer to Peer Systems [PDF]
  • Robert Tolksdorf, Swarm Linda [PDF]

June 21-22, 2007, Valladolid (Spain): 5th project meeting - TripCom Scalability The 5th project meeting will take place in Valladolid, Spain. More information about the meeting venue can be downloaded here.

May 31, 2007, Vienna (Austria): TripCom organised Workshop on ESTC 2007: Space Based Computing as Semantic Middleware for Enterprise Application Integration (SBC 2007) This is a TripCom organized workshop, held at ESTC 2007. For more information about the workshop, please refer to its website.

April 27, 2007, Stuttgart (Germany): First review meeting The first project review meeting will take place at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Lyndon Nixon and Vassil Momtchev, Drill Down: The Triple Space Kernel [PDF]
  • Elena Simperl, Reto Krummenacher, S&T Progress and Coordination [PDF]
  • Vassil Momtchev, Prototype presentation and demonstration [PDF]
  • Robert Tolksdorf, Project-Overview [PDF]
  • Dario Cerizza, eHealth Use Case [PDF]
  • David de Francisco, EAI Use Case [PDF]
  • Daniel Martin and eva Kuehn, Dissemination and Exploitation [PDF]
  • Martin Murth, Triple Space Architecture [PDF]

January 18-19, 2007, Berlin (Germany): 4th project meeting - TripCom Security The 4th project meeting will take place at the Hotel Sylter Hof in Berlin, Germany. More information about the meeting venue can be found here
  • Alessandro Ghioni and Davide Cerri, Security in TripCom [PDF]

October 9-10, 2006, Stuttgart (Germany): 3rd project meeting - TripCom Use Cases The 3rd project meeting will take place at the University of Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Daniel Wutke, TripCom and Semantic Web Services [PDF]
  • David de Francisco Marcos, TripCom EAI UseCase [PDF]
  • Dario Cerizza, TripCom eHealth UseCase [PDF]

July 5, 2006: Space Computing Alliance visiting DERI Innsbruck
Dr. Bernard Angerer from GigaSpace Technologie Inc. initiated potential colaborations between the TripCom consortium and the US-based Space Computing Alliance with a short visit to DERI Innsbruck.

June 27-28, 2006, Sofia (Bulgaria): 2nd project meeting - TripCom Architecture
The 2nd project meeting was hosted by OntoText at the Hotel Expo in Sofia, Bulgaria. The meeting was initiated by a joint-meeting with the SUPER project in order to motivate cross-fertilization within the ESSI cluster (SUPER presentation, TripCom presentation).
  • Robert Tolksdorf, Elena Paslaru, Lyndon J B Nixon, A proposal for a Triple Space kernel architecture [PDF]

April 24-25, 2006: Kick-Off Meeting (1st meeting)
The TripCom Kick-Off took place at the Vienna University of Technology (Agenda)


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