Tripcom - Triple Space Communication. This is the official website of the Specific target research project tripcom. tripcom is to be funded by the european commission under the 6th framework programme, priority 2 information society technologies (IST) under the project number IST-4-027324-STP
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Project Showcase

The showcase archive includes a binary version of the latest kernel, startup scripts, configuration files, use case demos, and corresponding technical documentation.

You can download the archive from here (248MB zip file).

Alternatively, you can use the public TripCom EC2 image to deploy a TripCom kernel in the cloud and literally receive a running TripCom kernel within minutes. Here is more information.

Public Amazon EC2 Image (AMI)

The TripCom kernel needs to be downloaded and installed on a server on your premises. If you want to quickly evaluate the TripCom kernel, we provide a second, much less time consuming option: you can start a TripCom kernel in the Cloud. We provide a public Amazon EC2 image of the TripCom kernel, that just needs to be booted. It then starts up a TripCom kernel and is ready to be used.

In order to be able to use the TripCom kernel in the cloud, you need an "Amazon Web Services (AWS)" account which you can register here. To start the TripCom kernel, you then simply log into the AWS Management Console, click on AMIs and seach for the TripCom AMI ID ami-3da04c54 by using the seach text field. Then, right-click on "tripcom-ami/image.manifest.xml" and select "Launch instance". Please note that your Amazon security group needs to allow to access the machine on port 8080.

Alternatively, you can use the Elasticfox Firefox extension or the Amazon EC2 commandline tools by following the "EC2 Getting Started Guide", specifically the part called "Running an instance". Please do not forget to use ami-3da04c54 - the TripCom AMI ID - as the AMI to start.

Upon startup, Amazon will allocate a machine in their data center, deploy our machine image and start the machine and the TripCom kernel. You can then use its public DNS name in the TripCom demo client program (part of the download archive) to evaluate the tripcom kernel. The kernel itself is deployed on Linux, you can SSH into the running image, have a look at the log files ("log/TS-Kernel.log" and "startup_log.txt") and further explore the TripCom kernel.

Enjoy Triplespace in the Cloud!

Project Tutorial

Jacek Kopecky, Reto Krummenacher and David de Francisco, members of the TripCom project team gave the Tutorial "TripCom: Large-Scale Knowledge Applications" at the Future Internet Symposium (FIS 2008) in Vienna, Austria on September 28th, 2008. Further information about the turorial can be found here.

A web-enabled video including the slides can be streamed from here.

Project Downloads

The current version of the TripCom prototype application, corresponding technical information is available from the project download page.

Project Use-Cases

There are two use-cases in our project: one in the domain of e-Health and the other in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). In the following, we present web-enabled show-cases of our use cases.

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e-Health Use-Case

TripCom contributes to current European challenges in eHealth by providing a middleware for patient summary management: medical records are consolidated from heterogeneous data that is published by healthcare actors across Europe. The scale of the problem - summaries for 500 million Europeans, and some hundred thousand healthcare users - is the main reason for the adoption of a novel technology like TripCom.

EAI Use-Case

Enterprise application systems are heterogeneous, autonomous, distributed and immutable, meaning that they have own data and process models, are designed to run independently, operate on local data and have limited adaptability to existing IT infrastructure. DAM marketplace - an emerging business for telecommunication companies - is a good EAI example. TripComs communication and coordination paradigm offers new business opportunities where scalability is essential.


tripcom tripcom tripcom tripcom
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